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Tier 1 U.K. Entrepreneur Visa

The Entrepreneur visa is a business visa that allow the applicant to relocate to the UK specifically for business. If you have a business idea that you would like to develop and bring to the UK, the entrepreneur visa will allow you to explore this idea. The applicant can either set up a new business or take over the existing one. Unlike other work visas the tier1 entrepreneur visa leads to settlement and, eventually, a British passport.
Tier 1 (entrepreneur) also represents a good option for individuals wishing to build businesses in the UK, or who are looking to take over the running of an existing business here. Under this category, individual entrepreneurs can apply to come to the UK to invest in a new or existing business or businesses. Once here, they will be able to work in the business(es) in which they’ve invested. Benefits of this route include the possibility of accelerated settlement in the UK and the freedom to move on to new entrepreneurial projects throughout the migrant’s stay.

Tier 1 U.K. Entrepreneur Visa

The Requirements:
To qualify for the entrepreneur visa, the applicant must:

  • Have access to £200,000 -through either their own funds or a third party. (This will be just a show money applicant doesn’t have to transfer or take this amount after visa grant)
  • Meet the English language requirement. (UKVI IELTS 4 bands each components)
  • Meet the financial maintenance requirements for the main applicant and dependents. (Main applicant £3310 and for each dependent £1890 must show in the main applicant bank account maintained for 3 months)
  • Be a Genuine entrepreneur- you must show that you genuinely seek to set a viable business in the UK. This is subjective; the home office will consider, previous experience, qualification and examine your credentials.
  • Business Plan to show which business you will start after getting visa.

Once you meet the requirements the initial visa granted for a period of 3 years and 4 months.

Tier 1 U.K. Entrepreneur Visa

Visa Process time:
This whole process will take approximately 4 months, but it totally depends on the client how soon maintenance funds and investment funds bank statement will be provided to us.
Requirements After Visa Grant:
30 days entry clearance grant visa (applicant must travel within 30 days)
Once the applicant is in the UK he\she must go to home office for biometric and to collect the residence permit card.
Extend Your Entrepreneur Visa:
For many the initial application is their first step towards gaining British citizenship. We offer a comprehensive service that allows our clients to extend their visas and continue their journey towards settlement. Providing the following requirements are met it is possible to extend the visa for a further 2 years:

  • The £200,000 has been invested in the company. (Company open in UK)
  • The company has been registered within 6 months.
  • 2 full-time positions have been created for settled workers.
  • This will lead you into 2 years extension

These conditions are accompanied by complex exceptions and rules, around which evidence is acceptable. Illimite will of course prepare the entirety of the application to meet these criteria.
To qualify for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) leading to British passport. (Nationality)
After living in the UK, a period of 5 years the applicant will be eligible to settle in the UK, also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Tier 1 U.K. Entrepreneur Visa

British Citizenship:
After attaining ILR you will now have a route to British Citizenship available to you.

  • Children Education free till the age of 18
  • Children and Spouse Medical free
  • Spouse is allowed to work full- time legally
  • Easy and flexible investment after visa is granted
  • Visa leads towards nationality for whole family
  • Only 6 out of 12 months is required to stay in the UK
  • No nationality restrictions to apply
  • Live and open your business anywhere in the UK


  • Illimite services charges: upon request
  • Visa Fees: £1022 (paid to the Government for applicant and each dependent if any)
  • Immigration healthcare surcharges: £700 (will be paid to the Government for applicant and each dependent if any)
  • Maintenance funds: Main applicant £3310 and £1890 for each dependent
  • Investment funds: £200,000 (Show money)
  • Documents Attestations: £400

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