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Polish Work Permit | Job Opportunity Awaits in Poland

May 28, 2022

What is a Polish Work Permit?

Anyone who would want to work in Poland legally should acquire a ‘Work permit’. This document entitles the person to work on a specific job for some time by the local and national regulations. Usually, the employer applies for the work permit and acquires the approval for the employee, which in this case would be a qualified foreigner who fulfills the specific job role available to the employer. It is essential to get a work permit for working based on employment contracts and civil law contracts. Work permits are issued by a relevant regional office called Voivodeship Office appropriate for the employer’s location. The work permit authorizes the foreigner to work only for the particular job role and employer as specified in the work permit.

What are the types of Polish work permits?

There are 6 major subcategories for the work permit. The categorization is done based on the type and nature of the employer.

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Polish work permit life cycle

The cycle of the application process starts with the applicant filling out the work permit application form with all the needed details and the documents. 

Copies of Passport, Education qualification certificates, Curriculum vitae, and reference letters are common documents required to apply for any type of the 6 Visas. Specific documents might also be demanded based on the type of visa the applicant is applying for. The processing of the applications will take typically between 6 to 12 months. 

The work permit is only valid for the given company and position. When the candidate leaves for another job even a new role in the same company, a new work permit has to be applied for and obtained for him/her by the employer.  

A seasonal work permit is issued by the local authority – “starosta”. The procedure for obtaining a work permit differs depending on whether the applicant is staying in the country or offshore. 

Foreigners are not permitted to work in Poland is not permitted based on a tourist visa or visiting visa.

How can Illimite Migration Help you with a Polish work permit?

Illimite migration will connect you with an employer and obtain an authentic work permit Or Employment visa (Type D). The job offer and the legal groundwork for the application will be handled by experts from Illimite migration. 

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