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Migrate to Australia, With a JOB OFFER

Australia is one of the top-tier destinations of choice for immigrants due to multiple factors ranging from its excellent quality of life index to its great climate to immigration laws that better supports the rights of the immigrants.

Australia offers various pathways to become a resident but as always, ‘work to residence’ has stayed several steps ahead of other routes for residency in Australia. Having said that, the overall trend of opening better job opportunities for the foreign migrants has significantly increased, mainly as an after effect of a pandemic.

Australia is one of the world’s most sought-after works destinations, particularly for potential job seekers from the Middle East and Asia.

Illimite Migration is pleased to announce the launch of our new stream of support to help job seekers migrate to Australia with a job offer. This would be a great opportunity to further your career in Australia.

The job offer:

The entire life cycle of ‘migrating to Australia starts with finding the right job, in fact, that would be the most crucial part as well. Illimite migration has association with a network of employers based out of Australia such as bakeries and restaurants, Supermarkets, Handyman service providers, etc. The major focused job roles of this program would be the blue-collar jobs with an approximate salary range from AUD 12-18 per hour ( please note the salary range change from job to job). Illimite has an uncompromising stance in finding the best opportunity as per the applicant’s qualifications and requirements.

Visa processing support:

Illimite migration’s philosophy is to provide holistic support to the applicants, ranging from finding a job to providing complete assistance on visa processing. This approach ensures a turbulence-free transition for the client to settle down in another country. 

Settle Down In Australia:

Becoming a resident in Australia would be a good choice to uplift your career and lifestyle. The country now has more opportunities and careers to choose from. As the borders are opened around the globe after the pandemic, employers are struggling to find trained manpower to meet their production, supply chain, and management requirements. The scope of possibilities for you in Australia is vast.

Do you think you are ready to migrate to Australia, With a JOB offer?

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