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Study in Russia

Why Study in Russia?


  • Russia is the technology leader in the world! You get the most advanced technical education and Research in Russian Universities
  • Cost of student life in Russia is very cheap compared to US, UK and  EU
  • Russian Universities have a very high acceptance rate for international students
  • More than 15000 Govt. scholarships are available for international students
  • Russia has the easiest university admission system.
  • Short processing time for visa


Minimum qualification to apply is high school/10th grade.

  • Extendable 5 year visa. .
  • 45-50 days are required to get visa invitation letter from Russia and 7 days are require to obtain visa from embassy.
  • Pay tuition fees after getting visa (Payable after receiving Russian Student Visa)
  • Complete after visa support services for students.
  • illimite migration will take care of your entire process from admission, visa process to after settlement services.

Study in Russia

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