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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a standardised test which is taken for educational, occupational or immigration purposes as a proof of their abilities in the English Language. Depending upon your study programme or entry requirements, you may need to take either Academic or General Training. The academic module is for students who want to study in an English speaking country, whereas general training is for those who want to work or migrate.



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Our Direct, Bold and Seamless advice for your Migration, Education, and Citizenship comes with our very own, highly competent IELTS Trainer who will challenge her students to achieve target scores with her passionate, dedication and motivation way of teaching.

We at ILLIMITE Migration understand your agony. We have what you desire for that IELTS Band score to push your application with our in-house IELTS Trainer that guarantees you of head-to-toe Extensive Training to achieve a Band Score of 7 and above in your Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.


IELTS (International English Language Testing System)


The course focuses on the skills needed for students to reach their IELTS grade requirements and succeed in an academic/general environment.


  • Introduce students to and familiarize them with the format and content of IELTS.
  • Equip students with effective skills and strategies needed to undertake the IELTS test with confidence.
  • Provide material practice in all areas of the test.
  • Administer regular mock tests with individual feedback and advice from certified examiners.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to take the IELTS examination.

Reading: skimming through the paragraph for the main idea and scanning for specific information (e.g. data/statistics, facts); processing information from academic and authentic sources (magazines, journals, and the internet), logical organization of information.
Writing: (task one) interpreting and comparing data; describing tables, objects, graphs, and processes; (task two) stating and developing arguments/opinions; problem-solving; presenting information logically, coherently and cohesively; paragraph mapping—introduction (learning how to develop a background statement, thesis statement, outline statement) body of ideas ( main argument, supporting detail, specific examples and conclusion statement) and conclusion; linking words-sequence adverbs, conjunctions/connectors and sentence starters; the stages involved in writing such as question analysis, planning, and proofreading/editing work as part of drafts.
Listening: extracting information from texts of varying lengths e.g. university lectures, radio interviews, radio documentaries, conversations; learning what information to look for and what to exclude; section by section practice tests.
Speaking: providing information in a formal interview context; learning appropriate linking words; giving an extended talk on a given topic; taking part in a formal discussion; giving a formal presentation/report.
Grammar: language required for describing graphs and diagrams (academic task 1) including comparatives and superlatives, the passive voice, complex and compound sentences.
Vocabulary Topics: develop vocabulary connected with the most common IELTS topics, such as the Environment, Science and Technology, Health, Energy, Education, Transport, The Arts, Media, and Urbanization.


TEF (Test D’Evaluation du Francais) is required for all immigration applicants as proof of their abilities in the French language.


Click on the link below to see the closest test location in Dubai (for other countries check your local Alliance Francaise)!tef/c22ub

Prepare for your TEF test with the free practice links below: