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CELPIP stands for Canadian English Proficiency Index Program. The IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) in 2015 implemented the acceptance of the CELPIP-LS (Listening & Speaking) for those applying for Canadian Citizenship and CELPIP-General for those non-native English speakers national to use for their visa process application or Express Entry to Canada. The test is completely computer-delivered, and consists of four sections: listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


Course Syllables:

  1. Listening Module Syllabus = has 6 sub-categories
    Listening to Problem Solving with 8 questions
    Listening to a Daily Life Conversation with 5 questions
    Listening for Information with 6 questions
    Listening to a News Item with 5 questions
    Listening to a Discussion with 8 questions
    Listening to Viewpoints with 6 questions
    Time allotted: 47-55 minutes
  2. Reading Module Syllabus = has 4 sub-categories
    Reading Correspondence with 11 questions
    Reading to a Apply a Diagram with 8 questions
    Reading for Information with 9 questions
    Reading for Viewpoints with 10 questions
    Time allotted: 55-60 minutes
    *Unscored Items: The Listening and Reading Tests contain unscored items used for test development. These unscored items can be found anywhere within each test and will have the same format as the scored items. You will not be able to tell scored items from unscored items, so apply your best effort to the entire test.
  3. Writing Module Syllabus = with 2 components Section
    Task 1 = Writing Email
    Task 2 = Responding to Survey Questions
    Time allotted: 53-60 minutes
  4. Speaking Module Syllabus = has 8 sub-categories with 1 task each components section.
    Task 1 – Giving Advice
    Task 2 – Talking about a Personal Experience
    Task 3 – Describing a Scene/Image
    Task 4 – Making Predictions
    Task 5 – Comparing and Persuading
    Task 6 – Dealing with a Difficult Situation
    Task 7 – Expressing Opinions
    Task 8 – Describing an Unusual Situation
    Time allotted: 15-20 minutes

Module Syllabus Lecture and Materials:

  • Overview of the Writing Test = Identifying common errors
  • Structure of Writing email (Task 1)
    Greetings or openers
    closing/sign off
    body of the letter
    indirect questions
    tone and register
  • Email Format
    Formal letter
    Informal Letter:
    – Paragraphing
    – Introduction
    – Synonyms
    – avoiding repetition
    – time sequences
  • Writing Task 2 (Responding to a Survey)
    note taking
    expressing an opinion
    usage of conjunctions
    supporting details
    right punctuations
    identifying common errors
    concluding sentences
    timed writing
    individual feedback sessions
  • Booklet practice materials for each student
  • CELPIP Common Errors Manual
  • CELPIP Listening & Speaking Tips Manual
  • CELPIP Reading & Writing Tips Manual
  • CELPIP Speaking Individual Simulation Assistance
  • CELPIP Online Paid Materials to be used by the students – FREE!


AED 1,700.00 for 25 hours online classes (3-4 hours/session, 2-3 times/week)
AED 2,500.00 for One on One class 30 hours (3-4hrs/session, 2-3 times/week)