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Canada has the tenth largest economy in the world, is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, has one of the highest levels of economic freedom in the world and is a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Group of Eight (G8). Find information on important aspects of Canada’s economy and economic, fiscal and monetary systems and institutions.
Canada is the second largest country in the world, covering almost 10 million square kilometres from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts and from its southern border to the North Pole. As you might expect, the weather in Canada varies dramatically depending on your location within the country. You can literally find yourself skiing the Rockies one day and enjoying a round of golf on theCabot Trailthe next!
Capital: Ottawa
Dialling code: 1
Population: 34.88 million
Government: Federal monarchy, Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system
Provinces: Québec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Scotia, More
Currency: CAD

Immigration to Canada

Canadian government allows the immigrants to come to Canada on many programs such as the federal skilled worker program, Quebec skilled worker visa and business visa (investment class) such as PNP visa
All of those visa types can lead you and your family finally to the PR (permanent residence).

Study in Canada

Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous quality controls mean that you’ll be earning a high-quality education that will open doors for your future and benefit your career over the long term. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States or Commonwealth countries.


The quality of education and living standards in Canada are amongst the highest in the world, but the cost of living and tuition fees for international students are generally lower than in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. As such, Canada is often the preferred choice for students attending college or university.